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Orc Bust Sketch - WIP

My first free form sketch in Z-Brush... About 3 days of work so far. I'm still looking to add some chain mail, body armor and more damage to the body. Learned a lot from this model and I'm excited to learn more!

Mursi Warrior Bust - WIP

Human head study I modeled based on a photo from a book titled 'Face Time'. Great images of interesting head shots from different cultures around the world. Still need to add a few more items, then it's time for Z-Brush. This will be a great model to learn z-brush sculpting with.

Russian KV1 Tank

After seeing a tank modeled by the incredibly talented, Jin Woo Lee, I set out on a mission to model a tank of my own. While looking up reference I came across the Russian KV1 Tank and knew that was the one. Need to add the rest of the components then a character pass; a few dings and dents.

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